Saved Brains

“ I was riding in a parkade, about to lock up and head to work, when on the down ramp, my lock rattled loose and got caught in my rear tire, causing a skid I couldn’t control and bailed really hard. I hit my head and my helmet saved me from a bad concussion, or worse. Totally random event and unpredictable and i’m very glad I was wearing my helmet.” - PJ, YYC

“ one morning i was heading to the vet before work to pick up cat food, and was heading east on 14th Ave SW approaching 4St. I had the green light, and as I entered the intersection I noticed a car was traveling north and wasn't stopping for the red light. I had enough time to shout an expletive and see if the driver was on their phone, which they were not. I was going flat out at that time, and the vehicle was going approximately 40km/h, close to the speed I was at. It hit my bike and the bike smashed up into my legs and I went flying spinning a full cartwheel or two and landing flat on my mostly empty backpack, my helmet smashing into the road. it felt like i was planted a few feet into the pavement. i had significant ligament damage throughout my spine but my skull was intact. without a doubt had i not been wearing a helmet i would have died there that day.” - Brad, YYC

“ I was doing a ride along the pathways around the Glenmore reservoir and on my way home when it started to rain lightly. I was on the pedestrian overpass crossing Glenmore and making a turn onto the down ramp. My rear tire slid on the metal expansion joint and I went down on my left side. My head hit the concrete and had I not been wearing a helmet I likely would have had a concussion. That incident made clear that even with proper cycling infrastructure a helmet is still a good idea. The only way to have avoided the fall would have been to not be cycling.” - Kyle, YYC