ProHAB purchases our helmets wholesale, similar to retail shops. While we don’t pay retail prices for the helmets, our wholesale price is approximately half of the retail price. This means that in order to perpetuate the program, we seek to cover our costs of the helmet. When someone donates enough to cover our costs, we are able to provide the next person with a helmet, and so on. This is largely how ProHAB has been able to operate over the past ten years, as we do not receive any grant funding or third-party philanthropy (though, we are always open to it!).

What’s the minimum donation?

There is no minimum donation required. Our helmets are available on a pay-what-you can basis. That said, we do rely on covering our costs to ensure the program can continue. If you are able to cover our costs, we ask that you donate accordingly. This helps to offset those who cannot donate enough to cover our costs. When you are able to donate enough to cover our costs, you’re paying it forward!


Okay, so what are your costs?

The helmets we provide are typically sold for roughly $80-90 in retail stores. While we don’t pay quite that much, as we purchase them wholesale, we do pay a considerable amount for each helmet, ensuring that you get a high-quality, stylish lid! our average cost for a helmet is around $45 CAD.


How can I make a donation in exchange for a helmet?

Donations can be made via e-transfer, cash, or credit card (via Square). The donations can be made on the day you get your helmet, no need to prepay.


How does the process work?

Typically when you contact us, we will reach out to arrange a fitting. This is to ensure your new helmet will fit and allow you to select your color. We typically operate during evenings and weekends and will work with you to find a time that works! Your appointment will be facilitated at our office in beautiful Mission, Calgary, and should only take approximately 5-10 minutes.


What colours/styles do you have in stock?

Our inventory is ever changing, so, unfortunately, we cannot say exactly what sizes/colours we have in stock, though we may be able to give you an idea. We currently stock a variety of helmets from NUTCASE.


What happens to my donation money?

All of the money we collect goes towards buying more helmets to perpetuate the program. ProHAB is 100% volunteer-based and have community support for our office space, which we are eternally grateful for (lookin’ at you, SLED ISLAND)


I have a helmet that I would like to donate, how can I do this?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations of used helmets. (but we appreciate the offer!) This is due to a number of reasons. We have no way of telling whether a helmet has received an impact which would affect its structural integrity. Additionally, older helmets deteriorate in quality. Helmets should be replaced every 3-5 years, as the materials and adhesives used to make the helmet will breakdown over time and render the helmet unfit for full safety requirements.