Prohab is going to Calgary!

Prohab is going to Calgary! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

Prohab is teaming up with Sled Island Festival and AMA in Calgary, Alberta!
We’ll be providing helmets by donation to festival attendees at the Olympic Plaza outdoor stage on Friday June 24th from 3pm-8pm, and Saturday June 25th, from 12pm-8pm. Also, look for us cycling around Calgary with our trailer of helmets during the fest!
As always, all donations received will go towards acquiring more helmets for more heads

Come find us and say hi!

2011 Calendar release party is announced!

2011 Calendar release party is announced! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

Hey everyone!

We’re very excited to announce the 2nd annual Prohab Calendar release party, November 5th at the Astoria!

We have three great live bands:
& a super secret headliner which will be announced next week!

and DJs
Tyler Fedchuk, Jake Madison, & Dustin Bromley

There will be a raffle with a pretty huge pool of prizes.

All for only $5.00!
The Astoria Hotel is at 769 E Hastings in Vancouver, BC.
Facebook details are here!

We’re looking to have calendar presales up in the next couple days! I love this time of year, there’s always lots of good news!

The Prohab Helmet Show recap

The Prohab Helmet Show recap 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

First of all, Thank you very much to everyone who came out on Friday to the new and beautiful Modus Studios! The event was a huge success, with over 350 (estimated) people through the doors over the course of the night.

We’re also very happy to announce that every helmet was sold!
Thank you so much to all the artists who participated, all of the work was amazing, and so varied from piece to piece. Keep an eye out for their next showings!

You can see some photos from the first half of the night on The Georgia Straight’s website, taken by Jon Cranny.

It was a new venture for us to organize and curate an art show. It couldn’t have been accomplished without the support of the community, and our event sponsors, Scion Canada & Ultra X-Press Printing.

Our next event is the 2011 Calendar release party, which will be November 5th 2010, at The Astoria. Save the date!

Prohab Helmet Show

Prohab Helmet Show 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

Prohab Helmet show

Hey everyone! We have a big big announcement!!

Friday September 17th, 2010.
The Prohab Helmet Society proudly presents:

The Prohab Helmet Show!
(click the link for the Facebook event)

We’ve been wanting to make this happen for a long long time, and it’s finally coming together!

Here’s what’s going down.
We’ve given blank helmets to seven of our favorite Vancouver artists to create/decorate/reinterpret as they please. The only rule given was the finished helmets must be able to be used for their intended purpose: being worn on heads, of course!
The helmets will be sold during the night through a silent auction, with the proceeds being split 50/50 to the artist and Prohab.

Randy Grskovic
Peter Taylor
Vincent Parker
Andy Dixon
Coreena Lewis
Ben Skinner
Graeme Berglund

DJs Neil Hillbrandt & Kellen Powell (Blastramp, Make it Count!), and Niña Mendoza will be playing some tunes for mingling and there will be a few kegs at low low starving artist prices!
Come by and have some drinks before the bar or stay all night.
That said, please do respect the gallery and all art inside, this isn’t a frat party.

Doors at 8pm, Goes til 1am
at the brand new MODUS STUDIOS at 206 Carrall!

See you there!

This event couldn’t happen without our generous sponsors:

Scion Canada
Ultra X-Press Printing
Thank you!

Velopalooza Wrap Up

Velopalooza Wrap Up 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

Renee at Velopalooza

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved with Velopalooza! We brought over 30 helmets to the wrap party event, and we were sold out by 3:00pm! They managed to cram so many awesome bike events into one week, and it was a huge success for everyone involved! Can’t wait for next year!

Also, I just found out our order form is currently down, so if you’ve filled it out over the last couple days and haven’t heard back from us yet, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you right away. Sorry for the technical difficulties! All fixed!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

It’s new website day! Welcome to the new and improved, designed by our friends at DC&I.
I think we have everything worked out, but if you find a bug, let us know!

While you’re here, why don’t you follow us on Twitter?

Please join us in bidding our old site adieu.

Goodbye old site

Article about Danny with Prohab mention in Vancouver Sun

Article about Danny with Prohab mention in Vancouver Sun 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

Photograph by: Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun

Today’s Vancouver Sun has an article about our great friend Danny McCash, who has been our main inspiration behind The Prohab Helmet Society. It focuses a little more on the dangers of cycling, and not as much about how to prevent accidents.
The article briefly mentions Prohab as well, but slightly undershoots how many helmets we’ve given, Oh well. It’s still a pretty good read for your rainy Monday mornings!

Also, We’re looking to have our new (way nicer) website up and running in the first or second week of June! It’s being designed by David Christy and Internet, check them out!


Berelmet? 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

beret helmet

Berets and helmets, together at last?

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time… I think we’ll stick with our C4 Lites.
But who knows, maybe a Prohab 2011 line?

Prohab Twitter!

Prohab Twitter! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

We have a Twitter account now, which you can follow HERE.

It may be a little slow moving at first, but as our 2010 projects pick up, I’m sure we’ll have a plethora of tweets on their way.

Lack of helmets in advertising.

Lack of helmets in advertising. 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

I came across this photo advertising biking apparel, and couldn’t help but notice the model is biking in heavy traffic without a helmet (the picture file name is even called “Heavy traffic”). Prohab isn’t here to force helmets on people, -moreso to provide the option to people who want to wear one- but really, how is it going to negatively impact your clothing sales if you plop a helmet on the model? We also don’t want to single out one company, as this is a pretty common occurence.

Here’s a helmetless magazine cover featuring Tina Fey. Celebrities have a huge influence on the general public. If we could afford it, Prohab would hire a celebrity spokesperson, but since I don’t see that happening, we can only hope that larger businesses can take responsibility in their advertising.

Here’s an interesting article on the subject.

Leave a comment, let us know what you think!

Photos borrowed from: OUTLIER and PARADE