About ProHAB

The ProHAB Helmet Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting helmet use by providing helmets to those who need them.

We encourage safety and strive to break down any barriers associated with the use of helmets. Our helmets are offered in exchange for a donation of any amount.

The founders of ProHAB Calgary were personally impacted by the loss of their dear friend and family member, Dan Winnick. Dan was not wearing a helmet when he was struck by a vehicle while cycling. Dan subsequently died due to his injuries, and we believe that if Dan had a helmet, he may have survived.

Our goal is to prevent others from suffering the same loss that we have, and our work is dedicated to ensuring those who need helmets can get them.

ProHAB exists to promote the use of helmets and ensure those who need them can get them, without barriers. We believe that nobody should have to suffer an unnecessary brain injury, or worse, just because they couldn’t afford a helmet. This belief runs deeply within the organization. Everyone who’s been involved with ProHAB has experienced the loss of someone close to them due to brain injury resulting from not wearing a helmet.

Wearing a helmet is a simple act that can prevent yourself, or others who love you, from having to suffer the consequences of not protecting your head and brain. We always say, “you only get one brain; protect it”, and it’s true – you only get one brain.

ProHAB currently operates in Calgary (Moh’kinstsis / Treaty 7 Territory).

ProHAB is sustained by the donations we receive in exchange for our helmets. Each donation received goes toward purchasing more helmets and perpetuating the system. Community donations are always welcome. Please contact us for more information about how you can support.

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  • Great project and something I’m super passionate about. Good work and thanks for this, from a helemet fanatic/designer

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