Your brain is your most valuable asset. Protect it!


The ProHAB Helmet Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to making bike helmets accessible for everyone.

We encourage safety and strive to break down any image barriers associated with the use of helmets (safety is sexy!). We love fun and we love being safe while having it. Our helmets are offered in exchange for a donation of any amount.

Wearing a helmet is a simple act that can prevent you, or others who love you, from experiencing the negative consequences of a traumatic brain injury as a result of a cycling accident. We always say, “you only get one brain; protect it”, and it’s true – you only get one brain.

Our aim is to get as many helmets on as many heads as we can while developing awareness about the use of helmets within our community.

We offer brand new helmets in exchange for a donation of any amount to ProHAB. All of the donation money we receive goes toward buying more helmets to keep the system going.


Read stories from folks whose ProHAB helmet saved their brain.