Prohab Helmet Show

Prohab Helmet Show 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

Prohab Helmet show

Hey everyone! We have a big big announcement!!

Friday September 17th, 2010.
The Prohab Helmet Society proudly presents:

The Prohab Helmet Show!
(click the link for the Facebook event)

We’ve been wanting to make this happen for a long long time, and it’s finally coming together!

Here’s what’s going down.
We’ve given blank helmets to seven of our favorite Vancouver artists to create/decorate/reinterpret as they please. The only rule given was the finished helmets must be able to be used for their intended purpose: being worn on heads, of course!
The helmets will be sold during the night through a silent auction, with the proceeds being split 50/50 to the artist and Prohab.

Randy Grskovic
Peter Taylor
Vincent Parker
Andy Dixon
Coreena Lewis
Ben Skinner
Graeme Berglund

DJs Neil Hillbrandt & Kellen Powell (Blastramp, Make it Count!), and Niña Mendoza will be playing some tunes for mingling and there will be a few kegs at low low starving artist prices!
Come by and have some drinks before the bar or stay all night.
That said, please do respect the gallery and all art inside, this isn’t a frat party.

Doors at 8pm, Goes til 1am
at the brand new MODUS STUDIOS at 206 Carrall!

See you there!

This event couldn’t happen without our generous sponsors:

Scion Canada
Ultra X-Press Printing
Thank you!

MACE Helmets sponsorship!

MACE Helmets sponsorship! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

MACE Helmets

We’re very excited to announce that MACE Helmets have agreed to sponsor Prohab! With their support, we’re able to get more helmets on more heads!
Thank you MACE! (the company. I’d like to also thank the rapper, but I’ll save that for another post.)
This is a huge step towards Prohab becoming a sustainable non-profit. I’ll announce our first helmet shipment of 2010 when it arrives. Keep checking back!

Also, We’re pretty much sold out of the 2010 calendars, but we still have a straggler or two lying around. If you want a copy, place an order quick!