The Prohab Helmet Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing helmets to cyclists who are not wearing them. We encourage safety and strive to break down any image barriers associated with the use of bike helmets and protective gear. We love fun, and being safe while having it. Our helmets are offered in exchange for a donation of any amount to Prohab.

Prohab Calgary was started by Lindsay Shedden and Shane Rempel, after a successful partnership with the 2011 Sled Island Festival, where over 120 people received new helmets by donation. Since then Prohab Calgary’s presence has grown exponentially. Shane, Lindsay and mostly everyone else who is involved with Prohab Calgary are inspired by having experienced the loss of Dan Winnick, who succumbed to his injuries after he was involved in a cycling accident while not wearing a helmet. Prohab Calgary is currently involved with number of local cycling initiatives to spread our message to younger communities.

With the support of great pals, the community and through various fundraising efforts we strive to encourage people to wear helmets.
Through our relationship with our current partner, Nutcase Helmets, we hope to grow awareness and get some nice looking lids onto people’s heads.

Prohab Vancouver was founded in the spring of 2009 by Dustin J. Bromley and Renee N. Le Page after a dear friend of ours was in a cycling accident which left him with a brain injury. For us and our friends–avid, though admittedly carefree, cyclists–this was a real wake up call. We decided to do what we could to develop awareness about the use of helmets within our bike community.

Starting with a show with some local bands and DJs, we managed to raise enough money to purchase an order of helmets, which were quickly snatched up-by donation-by those in our community who were without.
In order to be sustainable, we have worked on multiple fundraising efforts, the most successful being the 2010 Prohab Calendar.

Prohab was able to gain a partnership with MACE Helmets in early 2010, which has allowed us to acquire more brain buckets, and continue our goal of getting them onto heads.

As of July 2012, Prohab Vancouver is on hiatus.

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For further information in Calgary please contact Shane via email.

Although we are working on expanding, at this time we are only able to assist people in Calgary.

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