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February 2010

Lack of helmets in advertising.

Lack of helmets in advertising. 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

I came across this photo advertising biking apparel, and couldn’t help but notice the model is biking in heavy traffic without a helmet (the picture file name is even called “Heavy traffic”). Prohab isn’t here to force helmets on people, -moreso to provide the option to people who want to wear one- but really, how is it going to negatively impact your clothing sales if you plop a helmet on the model? We also don’t want to single out one company, as this is a pretty common occurence.

Here’s a helmetless magazine cover featuring Tina Fey. Celebrities have a huge influence on the general public. If we could afford it, Prohab would hire a celebrity spokesperson, but since I don’t see that happening, we can only hope that larger businesses can take responsibility in their advertising.

Here’s an interesting article on the subject.

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Photos borrowed from: OUTLIER and PARADE


HELMETS ARE HOT! (.net) 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

THIS BLOG knows what we’re talkin about!
From the about section: “Well, I ride around a lot, and I see a lot of pretty folks on a lot of pretty horses but – alas! – so many without helmets. What’s with that? Love your lid. Lid pride! Helmets are hot. Didn’t anyone else notice how hard the road is these days? And handsignals? Man… I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see but when I see a good, clean handsignal… does it for me every time.”


MORE HELMETS HAVE ARRIVED! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

We’re restocked! Just in time, as the sun is coming out!
We have MACE C4 Lite helmets in matte black and matte grey. They come with a reflective Prohab sticker on the back, and another one supplied in the box.

Please refer to this sizing chart to find your fit, and then send us an email to request one.

Also, we’d like to remind you that at this time we can only provide helmets to the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia.

Judging by the lineups for the skytrain, and the car traffic from the Olympics, we’re going to be seeing a lot more bikes zooming around the city, so ride safe everyone!