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January 2010

MACE Helmets sponsorship!

MACE Helmets sponsorship! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley

MACE Helmets

We’re very excited to announce that MACE Helmets have agreed to sponsor Prohab! With their support, we’re able to get more helmets on more heads!
Thank you MACE! (the company. I’d like to also thank the rapper, but I’ll save that for another post.)
This is a huge step towards Prohab becoming a sustainable non-profit. I’ll announce our first helmet shipment of 2010 when it arrives. Keep checking back!

Also, We’re pretty much sold out of the 2010 calendars, but we still have a straggler or two lying around. If you want a copy, place an order quick!

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR! 150 150 Dustin John Bromley


I’m late on posting this, so hopefully everyone has already opened their calendars to January!

We have big plans for 2010!
-After January 15th, we’ll receive news on a big sponsorship opportunity. If everything goes well, our operating costs will go down significantly, and we’ll be able to expand our operation.
-We’ll be working on the lengthy process of moving our non-profit status up a step to become a registered charity.
-We’ll be receiving our next (huge) order of helmets within the next month as well.

We’ll keep you posted!